Our European Expert Team includes:

Founded in 2013. Le LABA  is a competence centre in New Aquitaine, France.  Located in the city of Cenon, a suburb on the right bank of Bordeaux, the population comprises 56 different nationalities.  It operates as a cluster, bringing together twenty networks of operators from New Aquitaine who work in the field of cultural and creative industries, tourism (including the food sector) and sport. Through Le Laba, these organisations have come together to pool their skills and profile their expertise in order to mobilise European funds and develop transnational or local cooperation projects.

Le LABA specializes in supporting entrepreneurship for NEET and youth in the field of cultural and creative industries, digital design, tourism. To this end, the LABA is conducting an integration project for young people and residents of priority neighbourhoods in cooperation with the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon. In this “incubator”, the LABA welcomes young people who want to create their own street food business.

AANA is the agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural and agri-food products from the New Aquitaine region and positioning New Aquitaine as France’s leading gourmet region, characterized by a great diversity of production, sectors of excellence.  New Aquitaine is  the first agri-food region in France with more than 180,000 jobs and it is the premier region in France for quality products, i.e. more than 220 products under SIQO (Signe d’Identification de la Qualité et de l’Origine).  The agri-food sector represents 20% of Aquitaine’s industrial employment, more than 70,000 job.  s and it is the leading French region in terms of agricultural exports. It ensures nearly 8% of the national production in value.

Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Moura (ADC), Portugal is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 1993, inspired by the principles of local development, the social and solidarity economy and equal opportunities. The main objectives are:

  • to contribute to economic competitiveness and innovation in rural and vulnerable areas;
  • to preserve and enhance natural and cultural assets; to raise environmental awareness through education;
  • to defend equal access for all to social, educational, health and cultural services; and to promote social cohesion and citizen participation.

ADC is located in the canton of Moura, Portugal Alentejo region.  To promote local production,  ADC works mainly in the field of aromatic plants, in 2011, it developed an entrepreneurship programme  in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants in Portugal.

Kiezküchen gmbh (KK) was founded in 1991 as a member of the Bildungsmarkt e.V., a consortium of vocational training centres which is one of the largest private non-profit training organisations in Berlin. This consortium currently trains 3000 young people and adults in more than 20 specialised training centres in various sectors (food industry, gastronomy, services, sales, education, hygiene and health). KK trains people who have left the usual or formal apprenticeship systems to become experienced cooks or food service staff. The learners generally have little or no experience in setting up businesses, limited knowledge of formal and informal entrepreneurial requirements and low self-confidence to find their way in an environment other than their own social environment. Within KK, they learn to integrate, to be aware of their strengths and their capacities of action to undertake. They benefit from individual training tailored to the needs of today’s professions for which they receive nationally and internationally recognized professional certifications or diplomas. KK thus offers a qualification programme that is constantly being developed: modular training, individual skills assessments, apprenticeships, etc., the aim of which is to enable people to enter the labour market at local, regional, national or European level.

Kiezküchen has been actively involved in EU programmes for over 10 years.

Momentum (MMS) is one of Ireland’s leading VET companies, specialising in the development of progressive learning programmes and platforms for emerging entrepreneurs. This training centre is renowned for its interactive and online courses that offer support throughout the agri-food production chain: from primary producers (for example, networks of organic farmers promoting their products) to distribution services.

COOP’ALPHA is a training and support organisation for business creation. Since its creation in 2007, Coop’Alpha has supported 1000 project leaders, employed 600 entrepreneurs and created 300 companies.  It provides:

  • Support for entrepreneurs and creators of activities in the culinary sector. Since its creation, Coop’Alpha has accompanied numerous catering activities: home cooking, catering, culinary workshops, taste workshops, pastries on markets…
  • Accompaniment of immigrant women in a catering activity. These women from the Table d’Hôtes had a project for the cuisine of the gastronomic world. Their activity allowed them to work up to 28h/month each over one month and to open a restaurant.
  • Women caterers: Trained cooks who wish to develop a catering activity at home for companies and individuals following a dismissal. Wishing to offer fresh, seasonal products in an environmental approach.

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