Using ‘world cuisines’ as the basis for developing entrepreneurial and professional skills, KUS KUS will be more successful in attracting adult learners who might not otherwise have participated.   Our educational resources are specifically designed to be used outside the traditional structures of support for entrepreneurship and thus enable European heritage to be promoted to a wider public.

KUS KUS has four key elements (scroll over for more info)

Kus Kitchen

Will include FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES to teach the BUSINESS SKILLS and RESOURCES to emerging local producers

Kus Pro

Will include FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES to teach ENTREPRENEURAL COMPETENCIES in the culinary sector, designed for adult learners

Kus Market

Will provide a DIGITAL STRATEGY TOOL BOX to develop the MARKETING and DIGITALIZATION of these entrepreneurs, market presence, participation in public events etc.

Kus Alliances

Will create ECONOMIC AND SOLIDAR NETWORKS (of local authorities, entrepreneurs, local producers, support structures for entrepreneurship and hospitality as well as chefs and gastronomy professionals) to create new initiatives promoting local know-how and products.

Once completed, KUS KUS will have produced a proven model for adult education entrepreneurs that meets the interests of undergraduate, underemployed or unemployed adults. This model will propose culinary know-how “cuisines of the world” as a catalyst for entrepreneurship.

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