Eating foods that are locally produced and in season is a great way to reduce the overall  environmental impact of what we eat. These days, large food producers can grow food all year  round which makes supermarket shelves not a very good indicator of what’s in season.

Why it’s good to buy foods that are in season?

Resources: Energy and resources are needed to grow, package and transport food across a global food system. Keeping it local will reduce the  amount of energy used.

Food Quality: Fruit and veg that are transported from around the world are often picked before they are fully ripe and can lose nutrients by the  time we buy them. Local sourcing will keep this to a minimum.

Money: Money spent on locally produced food goes back into the local economy. Although Irish produce can be more expensive, buying in  season means that you are investing in your local community and getting the best price for food in its prime.

Waste: Food produced and enjoyed locally shortens the supply chain and limits the likelihood of spoilage during transit. Much food is wasted  because it fails to meet cosmetic standards. By shopping local and buying directly from the producer, you have an opportunity to buy  products which retailers may not stock such as “wonky fruit and vegetables”.

Make the most of local foods by preserving!: In Ireland, we are lucky enough to be able to buy locally grown fresh food all year round. Enjoying food in season gives us a greater  appreciation for the produce. Make the most of local seasonal food using preserving techniques.

Check out our Seasonal Calendar Ireland below:

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