Quality products at the heart of a European project

Quality and designations of origin are in the spotlight

The different activities carried out had as a common theme the quality processes and appellations of origin of food products and the meaning of the certification seals according to the reality of the countries represented

Moura olive oil, produced by the Moura and Barrancos agricultural cooperative, was chosen in the Portuguese delegation’s presentation as an example of a certified local product, which ended with a tasting session, accompanied by bread and honey from Alentejo, which were much appreciated by the participants.

In this area, study visits were made to two wine production houses to learn about the history, terroir and know-how, but also the problems and challenges, including those related to climate change, as well as to a sturgeon breeding and caviar production unit, which is awaiting PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certification

This meeting also provided an opportunity to ask: How can we make quality, locally produced and environmentally friendly food accessible? How can we raise awareness about the challenges of food in the future?

In response to these challenges, this meeting provided an opportunity to develop skills through the exchange of good practices and knowledge on sustainable food, local production and heritage enhancement around 4 axes:

1. To discover culinary and gastronomic heritage practices in the fields of sustainable food and the promotion of local products;

2. Quality and origin certification seals; Social issues and sustainable food; Local food heritage; Trends in consumption and distribution of local products;

3. Tools to propose innovative and collaborative ideas to improve and enhance their local food heritage, working in project mode;

4. An enriching discovery of the culinary heritage of southern Europe.

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