I. Kus Alliance Ireland - Key Actors in our Region

Research actors, educators in the training sector:

  • Momentum – VET enterprise and food education specialists (Leitrim)
  • St. Angela’s Food Technology Centre (Sligo)
  • LYIT Catering College Campus
  • Bia Innovator Campus (Galway)

Regional Food Networks : 

  • Taste Leitrim
  • Galway Region of Gastronomy

Actors in the food chain sector :

  • The Food Hub (Leitrim)
  • Leitrim Organic Farmers Cooperative
  • An Chistin is a state-of-the-art training and community kitchen
  • Taste Leitrim Food Producers

Places of world cuisine/culinary heritage

  • Cottage Restaurant (Sham Hanifa) (Leitrim)
  • Sligo Global Kitchen (Sligo)
  • Jinny’s Bakery (Leitrim)
  • Lena’s Tea Rooms (Leitrim)

Actors for social and professional integration :

  • Roscommon Leader Partner (Roscommon)
  • Leitrim Local Enterprise Office (Leitrim)

Actors in the reception of migrants and refugees :

  • Roscommon Leader Partner (Roscommon)
  • EROC Centre (Roscommon)

Public institutions :

  • Roscommon Leader Partner (Roscommon)
  • Leitrim Local Enterprise Office (Leitrim)

II. Meetings

The aim of these meetings is to discuss themes related to KUS KUS with various organisations, to provoke formal and informal meetings and to build a cartography of initiatives and support for the development of gastronomy, tourism and entrepreneurship.

In the Leitrim and North West region of Ireland, the network has met a number of times.

Here you can read some of the stories of these meetings and the work that is ongoing in our region to promote the ideals and principles that KUS KUS upholds :

    • Promoting Culinary Heritage – Kus Alliance Ireland celebrates and supports The Boxty Festival
    • Kus Alliance Ireland celebrates the launch of the Taste Leitrim Sourcing Guide

III. Case Studies

Come and meet some local initiatives and local food entrepreneurs that are passionate about some of Kus Kus core ideas – inclusion, culinary heritage, world cuisine, local food and short supply chains. 

IV. Regional Tools